Nostalgia Ultra / by Alexandra Nana-Sinkam

I don't consider myself much of a blogger--in fact, the idea of creating content on schedule for others to consume gives me extreme anxiety. Instead, this is space for brief updates, pulse checks, time stops when they're necessary. 

Call me cynical in that I believe all inaugural things are at some point looked on in retrospect with a bit of embarrassment. It is a selfishly safe bet then, to focus this inaugural post on my family...a conglomeration of hilarious humans for whom my adoration is quite timeless. 

As most aging families go, my 3 brothers and I live thousands of miles apart, and even further away from our parents in Pennsylvania. The holidays are the only time we're ever all under the same roof. Last December, I captured a bunch of monochrome photos on Christmas morning. The pictures aren't particularly good, and they don't really capture the vibrance that was 3 hours of joking around while unwrapping gifts. But I love that 5 months later I could email them to everyone, and states apart we were able to remember the feeling of being together.